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Original paintings

Oyl creates one of a kind painted works such as acrylic on canvas and mixed media on wood. Here you will find the most recent, available offerings. Once these works sell, they won't be recreated, but selected pieces may be made available for purchase as archival quality prints.

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Original Illustrations

More whimsical and economical than Oyl's paintings, he also creates an ongoing series of illustrated works. These are typically created using a variety of Japanese inks and brushes on archival quality watercolor and printmaking papers. Each work is original and won't be recreated, but selected pieces may be reworked and made available for purchase as archival quality prints.

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Art prints

Archival quality art prints are available for selected pieces of Oyl's work. These prints come in a variety of sizes and finishes. From poster-sized wall prints, to smaller sized framed pieces. Selected works from Oyl's painting, illustration, graphic design and photography are available as art prints.

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Graphic T-shirts

Browse our t-shirts featuring custom designs by Oyl Miller. In addition to these offerings, if there are other pieces you'd like to see on a shirt, contact us and we'll see if we can work it out.

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Designer products

Oyl's artwork is also available on a variety of usable products. These include tote bags, mobile phone cases, backpacks and more. We are also keeping an eye out for products to customize with Oyl's original work. Keep checking back for the latest offerings.

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In this age of mass produced images that we all scroll past every day, there is immense value in finding original gems from independent artists. With this in mind, Oyl is open to commissions and collaborations. If there is a piece of artwork you'd like Oyl to create for you, as a gift or for a publication, please don't hesitate to email with your request.

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